Proof Obama is the Antichrist

Barack = 6 letters

Hussein = 7 – 1 = 6 letters

Obama = 5 + 1 = 6 letters

666, the Number of his–the Beast’s–name. 

We know that the Antichrist will denounce Jesus as the Son of God, and that is exactly what Muslims like Obama do. He wasn’t wearing his wedding ring during Ramadan because Muslims can’t wear jewelry during Ramadan. He said it was being cleaned. Yeah, whatever, sand monkey.

Jawa. You’re a jawa, Obama.

How many times have we heard Obama called “the Savior” by niggers? Plenty, but obviously the fact that they don’t know any better (they’re niggers, after all) can’t be considered as proof that Obama is the Antichrist. 

How about that the number of his name comes to 666? So does the direct Arabic translation of his name: Barakk Husein Obahma, which is the direct translation of his name.

And spying on us, which is exactly what we Christians would expect the Antichrist to do. It’s the same reason the IRS targeted Conservative organizations, because Christians are Conservative. The IRS targeted CHRISTIAN organizations. Don’t be confused by the political speak.

The Antichrist will soon reveal himself and will tell us that he serves the Beast. He just won’t call what he serves “the Beast.” I don’t pretend to know, but he’ll probably say he serves the Satanic United Nations and their faggot-filled group. It won’t be God he serves. It ISN’T God who he serves.

We have Obama spying on Christian political groups with the IRS and we have him spying on Christians with the NSA. If you’re a faggot (or an atheist… same thing), you don’t have to worry about the Antichrist. You’ll probably want to suck his butthole or whatever you faggots do. It’s only God-fearing straight Christians who need to be concerned about our Socialist Muslim Antichrist President. While you’re destroying society with your abominations and sodomy, Obama has built huge warehouses of coffins for us Christians.

People have seen guillotines transported via train all across the nation, being put in place for the Beast’s rise to power. Camps are being built in every state, and millions of coffins have been photographed, ready to be filled with the bodies of Christians as soon as the Beast gives the order to his puppet Obama.

People in the military have shared the secret, have leaked Obama’s plans to round up and execute all Christians. What else do you expect from an amoral atheist faggot? Those aren’t his kids, and that’s not really his wife. 

The truth is that Obama has been seen kissing other men. He’s gay. He’s as much a faggot as he is a Socialist Muslim. Which is to say: COMPLETELY a faggot. Like Bill Clinton and Martin Luther King Jr.

And Gandhi. And Stephen Hawking, Einstein…

Why else did you think scientists made up all this stupid evolution stuff? They made it up because they’re terrified of God. They’re faggots and they know that’s a sin, so they made up this evolution crap and convinced themselves it is true. Just like they made up gravity.


The Earth goes around the sun because GOD SAID SO. Quit making up crap and convincing yourselves it is true, because you’re condemning the stupid and the gullible to eternal torture for believing your faggot lies!

You faggots deny the truth that everyone feels in their hearts, lying to yourselves because you choose to be faggots and you’re afraid of God. But it doesn’t matter how many lies you convince yourself are true, God will still condemn you for being a faggot.

8 thoughts on “Proof Obama is the Antichrist

  1. Well, I first wrote a lengthy comments concerning almost every sentence in this post, but I have pressed the back button to start over. (Probably because I’m a faggot, eh?)

    All non-Christians are faggots?

    Let me just say, if the Antichrist does come, I seriously doubt Atheists will follow. The people most likely to follow are the gullible ones such as Christians. Christians will stray away from their God. Atheists won’t. (Pun intended)

    This mindset is the mindset that is destroying the country. Why? Because people like this are brainwashed and are allowing the government to do as it pleases.

    • Atheists ALREADY follow the Antichrist. They’re just too stupid to realize it. The Beast is already alive and well, and he and the Devil have tricked everyone into following them. That’s why faggots are everywhere now–the Beast and the Devil have made that abomination acceptable, thrown God out of school, destroyed America, and the endgame is starting.

      It’s not a question of “if the Antichrist comes.” The Anti-Christ already walks the Earth, as does the Beast, as does the Devil. It’s the Devil’s #1 priority to turn people from God–now look at the United States. We’ve done exactly that. The Devil’s greatest trick was convincing people he didn’t exist, and now we have America, which was founded on Christianity, being turned over to faggots and the ACLU. America is being destroyed, alright, but it isn’t Christians that’s doing it: it’s faggots and atheists.

      • “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Musselmen; and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.” —The Treaty of Tripoli

      • I’m concerned about the Treaty of Trinity, not this made-up, devil-worshipping nonsense. “Treaty of Tripoli.” Pssh. Satanism. That’s all that is. GOD founded our country. GOD was in our midst and GOD guided the hands of the founders. Not that atheistic faggot nonsense you just made up.

  2. You know, in all my years of reading the Bible, I can honestly say that I’ve never once read the word “faggot”. Could you please tell me where God calls all Atheists faggots? or homosexuals for that matter.

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